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CGPeers is down and are currently offline.

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GFXPeers is another graphic design and visual effects focused torrent tracker.

(updated July 24, 2017)

CGPeers is a private torrent tracker for all things computer graphics: tutorials, graphics software, 3D, visual effects, design and computer assisted art. CGPeers recently changed it’s domain from .com to

The trackers official forum is CGPersia ( It was created to connect CG artists who need to learn, share and use the latest CG software.

The computer graphics tracker is invite-only but opens registration for 48 hours on the 1st & 15th of every month.

CGPeers had many downtimes in the past that last from some days to several weeks. While the tracker shuts down temporary the sites forum CGPersia went dark, too.

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Status Updates and Notes

CGPeers downtime


CGPeers is down yet another time.

31 comments for CGPeers

  • fox 2 years ago

    it show error always I tried almost 16th time

  • GFXVFXXX 2 years ago

    Switch over to, domain is confirmed by cg persia.

  • zbeast 2 years ago

    I’m assuming cgpeers is currently down?

  • sheri 2 years ago

    .to domain is down…

  • Philippe 2 years ago

    what happened?

  • karthick m 2 years ago

    My cgpeers account was disabled
    how can solve that
    whats is what.CD username
    plz anyone help..plz
    my mail : karthickmk325 at

    • elmar feitosa 8 months ago

      Está fora do ar o site?

  • HellBoy 2 years ago

    Any one has account in
    send me invites….

  • Micdubz 2 years ago

    Anyone to kindly send me an invite, will really appreciate it…

    • BISON BLOOD 1 year ago

      I would Love to have one as well plz

  • CBneD 1 year ago

    I’m Jones’n man

  • Tamil 1 year ago

    .to also down as of now

  • last user 1 year ago

    cgpersia forum down, too

  • Dark1844 1 year ago

    I would love to login but need an invite also. Please Send me an invite to [email protected]

  • R 11 months ago

    Hey guys, CGPeers is OPEN!!!!!Hurry! Get yourself registerd!
    I got myself in with single attempt.
    Hopefully this is the sign of my changing luck

  • seba$$ 11 months ago

    CGPersia and CGPeers are both down :/

  • vijay 10 months ago

    can anyone please send me invitation this is mail address [email protected]

  • Rofo 7 months ago

    nice tracker

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  • Dev 3 weeks ago

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